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Projects - Unfinished - Stunt Man Steve 2

Stunt Man Steve was one of the first projects my friend Mark and I undertook. It was back when I was still in early elementary school. The plot was very loose, centering on a stunt man and his adoring fan who tried to do everything the stunt man accomplished. We filmed it with his dad's camera using mostly only first takes. Despite the relatively poor production quality, we were extremely proud of the final product.

Naturally, we tried to follow up with a sequel because it was hard enough for us to come up with an original idea the first time. This time, there was going to be a sort of competition for stunt men that the two characters from the first film would enter. We got somewhat far with the filming, even having some scenes shot on location at our local grocery store (I do not remember why). Some of the neighborhood kids were even going to make appearances in the sequel. Overall the project was a much larger undertaking than the original. It was because of that, most likely, that we eventually abandoned the project.

Recently, Mark uncovered a bunch of our video footage from the filming.