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Projects - Unfinished - Partnered Heroes' Quest

Partnered Heroes' Quest was developed during the height of J.A.M. Co. Do date it is the largest game made by J.A.M. Co. Unfortunately, the files have since been lost. PHQ could easily have been completed, and I do not remember why we did not complete it. Based off the plans we had for the game, we were very close to finishing.

The game was a top down story driven adventure. We had very colorful, fleshed out characters and environments. The gameplay stayed fresh and the boss fights has creative ways to defeat them. A lot of the technical programming we had to do was improved and we tried more ambitious ideas. The levels were crisp and we had a level of finish on the game that other J.A.M. Co. products did not seem to have. Overall, we poured a lot of time into the game, probably more hours than any of our other games. Maybe even more time than all of our other games combined.

All that we have to remind us of PHQ is a video trailer and a short demo.