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Projects - Unfinished - Crazy Stick Man 5: The Legend Continues

It can be said with no bit of sarcasm that Crazy Stick Man 5 was a hugely overwhelming title for J.A.M. Co. to attempt. It had been at least six years since the release of the original Crazy Stick Man, and we had a sudden spark of creativity. I forget what exactly it was that influenced us. For this project we involved almost all of our friends from outside J.A.M. Co. This was a particularly good idea, as our plans for CSM5 would have been impossible with just Mark and I.

The gameplay was going to be drastically different than the previous installments. In fact, it could be said that the genre itself was completely different. Our plan was to take Crazy Stick Man, a primarily level based maze game, and turn it into a story driven, episodic adventure. We had a lot to learn in order to pull this off. Our technical skill was not nearly competent enough to meet our vision. Surprisingly, we got pretty far in our research and development. Our skills improved greatly and many of the ambitious things we did not expect to be able to fit into the game we were eventually able to. Things seemed to be going well, and it also seemed like J.A.M. Co. might actually succeed in releasing a completed product.

Of course, this did not end up being the case. General loss of interest among the team caused work to slow, and eventually stop. J.A.M. Co. has not attempted to make another game since.