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Projects - Unfinished - Crazy Stick Man 3

Crazy Stick Man 3 (CSM3) was an over ambitious attempt to make J.A.M. Co.'s primary IP into a trilogy. The first game was more or less a proof of concept. It was the first game we'd made, so it was naturally very crude and very basic. Crazy Stick Man 2 was our attempt to take the first game and stretch it as far as we could. Fifty levels was our arbitrary stopping point, and it was quite a challenge to meet that.

When it came time to make the third installment. We decided to rebuild some of the fundamentals of the franchise. The basic gameplay remained and most of the changes were small, but compared to what we did with CSM2 it was almost a total rebuild. Overall, the plan was to have a more solid experience. We tried to clean up the game to have it play better.

Somewhere along the way, CSM3 became a side project. Then eventually, it became abandonded. J.A.M. Co. did come back to the project at some point, but only briefly. My thought is that right about that time we started having a flood of ideas for future games. It got overwhelming trying to do everything at once, which was inherently a bad idea. For some reason, we did not retire the name CSM 3. We would come to make a fourth installment, naming it Crazy Stick Man 4.