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Personal and professional affiliations:

J.A.M. Co.
This was the name placed on all of the projects worked on by myself and Mark Farmer (Josh and Mark Company). We started using the name over ten years ago in 2003 approximately. Over the years we worked on many varieties of things from videos to games to even books. Really, anything we did went under the name J.A.M. Co. and we acted like we were a legitimate business. Not much has happened recently under the name J.A.M. Co., but it has never been officially disbanded. J.A.M. Co. still appears from time to time on the credits of various projects we work on.

Monolith Films
A group formed by my group of friends to make videos for YouTube. It is not a serious group, and mostly existed for our personal enjoyment. The name and the YouTube channel has not been used in couple years, but the group as an entity still exists.