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I am a university student at Truman State University studying business administration with a concentration in management. I am also studying economics. I have a creative side working on various projects with my freinds for our own enjoyment. Many of these projects can be seen or read about on this website. I'm working on archiving many of my old works for nostalgia's sake, but also to show off what I've done.

I am somewhat knowledgable with technology and have worked with it my entire life. Most of what I did with my friends involved technology, and the various projects I've completed show that.

I am currently working in radio broadcast. I do on-air work as a DJ, as well as writing then cutting advertisements, as well as promotional work for the station. I work with both the local commercial radio station and the university's campus station.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Contact information:

Twitter: @joshmalmstrom
LinkedIn: Josh Malmstrom